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TAO Webinar: Business Continuity When Business Stops

continuity webinar


Business disruptions can happen at any time, and often happen without any advance notice. Disruptions can take many different forms—loss of key personnel, cyber attacks and data breaches, economic turns, and as we are currently living through—health epidemics. The common thread is that each has the potential to slow down, or even stop, your business operations.

According to statistics revealed by FEMA after the 2014 6.0 earthquake in San Francisco, 40% of businesses did not reopen after that disaster. Knowing this information it’s hard to argue that you need to plan ahead for the unthinkable, and even more overwhelming while in the midst of the current business crisis.

As a business owner, leader or employee you need to know exactly what to do to get your business back up and running quickly if something terrible happens. This is where a business continuity plan comes into play.

Panelists Amy Hoyt, who’s led pandemic planning for global consumer-facing organizations will outline the steps that you need to take to help your business to recover from disasters that may occur. With the goal to identify business impacts, hone in on essential areas to focus on first, and create a detailed outline of how to avoid lost revenue or sustained business disruption.




Ashley Powers.jpeg

Ashley Powers
Marketing Manager, Comcast Business

Amy Hoyt.jpeg
Amy Hoyt
Senior Associate, Point B




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