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TAO Staff Update – March Update

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TAO continues to be actively focused on Talent and Culture, Cybersecurity and Smart Cities initiatives in 2016.  In addition to our programming and events, in the first quarter our Labs have partnered with public, private, and academic partners around the state on over $70M in grant funding opportunities in those three areas.


Despite having Spring Break the middle of March, the TAO calendar has continued to stay full with partaking in a number of community and partner events.  We have loved the shift of hosting more of our events at our member companies and getting a chance to show off their spaces.  As we head into the second quarter, we are excited about promoting more collaborative events among our 23 communities of interest, as well as other partner events!


What an exciting month as we’ve been deep in the process of selecting our finalists for Oregon Technology Awards on Thursday, May 12th! If you haven’t seen the list of finalists yet – check it out. Tickets are selling fast for the most prestigious technology event of the year – so don’t miss out and get yours here!


Another strong close for the association this month. We are proud to report that this quarter many of our major operating activities will finish ahead of financial forecasts. Automation and internal processes have been smooth in practice since we’ve improved them last quarter. The website has also received lots of positive feedback from our network.


Membership and interest in the association remains strong! We’re still growing and there’s still plenty of ways to get involved with TAO. I’d love to make it out and meet our members. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like me to visit!


We’ve had awesome feedback on our new website and we’re looking forward to rolling out the rest of our new features. The Development & Engineering hosted their 7th annual Tech Ignite that featured 17 speakers, brought out over 275 tech profressionals and set-off a flurry innovation on social! Additionally, We’ve been concepting and developing new content that we’re excited to be launching within the next few months.  

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