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TAO Member Spotlight: Alex Berry

Alex Berry

Where do you currently work?
Intel Corporation

What’s your title? 
Intel | Technical Program Manager
Global Supply Chain | Strategy, Systems, Transformation

In which city (or cities) is your company located?
Hillsboro, Oregon

In what year was your company founded?

Describe the company you work for and its product/mission.
Intel creates world-changing technology that enriches the lives of every person on earth. What that means is we’re committed to innovation that makes the world safer, builds healthy and vibrant communities, and increases productivity – all while harnessing our reach around the globe to better society, business, and the planet.

Why is your company a member of TAO?
The heart of Intel’s technology research and development has been here in Oregon for decades. By coming together as an industry, we can collectively push ourselves and our industry peers to be more responsible, inclusive, and sustainable.

What do you, personally, like best about being a TAO member? 
Personally, I like the intersectionality of the dialogues we have at TAO events. We are technologists talking about societal impact. We are volunteers talking about economic trends. We are Oregonians and transplants talking about inclusion and authenticity.

What’s your favorite thing about our region’s tech ecosystem? 
It’s our opportunity to leverage our tech giants within the “Silicon Forest” to grow local businesses, communities, and initiatives.

What is your hope for the future of tech in Oregon & SW Washington? 
I hope that in the aftermath of the pandemic, Oregon becomes a case study on how technology, intentionally developed with an equity lens, can bridge the divide between privileged and underserved communities.

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