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TAO Joins the Coalition to Defeat the $5 Billion Tax on Oregon Sales

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After thorough research about potential impacts on our innovative local technology companies, entrepreneurs and employees, the Technology Association of Oregon has joined the broad coalition opposing Initiative Petition 28, the $5 billion tax on Oregon sales. 

Our board heard from both proponents and opponents and voted unanimously to oppose this initiative headed toward the November 2016 ballot. 

IP 28 is a costly and damaging initiative that seeks to raise state taxes by $5 billion each budget cycle, without setting forth a plan to spend the funds. Our members hold diverse views about how to best raise revenue to improve Oregon’s schools and other essential state services, but IP 28 is a damaging approach to our state budget problems. 

IP 28 would not only render Oregon technology companies less competitive compared to national or global competitors, but also increase costs on all essential items and services that Oregonians purchase every day. IP 28 is a regressive form of taxation that hits those with the least resources the hardest, whether you’re a two-person tech startup or a single parent at the grocery store. 

TAO and its members urge Oregonians to reject IP 28 and demand that our elected leaders research and develop long-term fiscal solutions to preserve the competitiveness of Oregon’s innovation sector while also delivering robust essential state services like education. 

Please visit to join the broad coalition to defeat IP 28.

For press inquiries contact Skip Newberry

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