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Supply Offers Pro Bono Online Ordering Systems for Food & Beverage Companies

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During this unprecedented time, Technology Association of Oregon will be featuring the benefits and value that TAO member companies can provide to our greater community in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Supply partner Sam Jeibmann outlines how the studio is rallying to support food and beverage companies in need of online ordering systems. 

TAO Member Company: Supply 

Give us a short intro to your business:
Supply is a design and development studio. We make digital products that embody brands and delight customers. We have years of experience designing and building digital products and services for leading companies across a wide range of industries.

What resources can your business offer the community during the COVID pandemic?:
The team at Supply is working hard to support people in our community during this time of need. One of the ways we’re helping is by coming together with food and beverage companies in need of online ordering systems and offering pro bono services. Supply’s development team will build a complete ordering system and integrate it into an existing site, providing support along the way. For small businesses, this can be the life raft that helps them stay afloat during these uncertain times.  

What is the best way for the community to get in touch?:
Head over to You can call or email us from there.

What’s your favorite way to pass the time during self-quarantine?:
We started a series called Take 10 with Supply, where everyone at Supply gathers virtually for shared break time. Each day someone new shares a story, passion, or hobby that brings them joy. We’ve had everything from how to paint digital clouds to techniques for self-regulating emotions. It’s an inspiring time where we laugh, learn and build camaraderie despite everything.

What’s one thing that helps you stay positive or gives you hope during difficult times?:
Stories of people rallying together with offers of support and a helping hand.

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