Stoel Rives Provides COVID-19 Resource Hub

Stoel Rives Provides COVID-19 Resource Hub

During this unprecedented time, Technology Association of Oregon will be featuring the benefits and value that TAO member companies can provide to our greater community in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mary Hull, Partner at Stoel Rives, offers up the firm's COVID-19 Resource Hub which contains helpful content for the business community.

TAO Member Company: Stoel Rives

Give us a short intro to your business:
With nearly 400 attorneys in 10 offices in 7 states and the District of Columbia, we are a full-service law firm with a well-recognized reputation for excellent client service. For example, in December 2019, for the 15th straight year, Stoel Rives was named the “Most Admired Professional Services Firm” in Oregon by The Portland Business Journal.

What resources can your business offer the community during the COVID pandemic?:
As of a couple of weeks ago, our COVID-19 Resource Hub had generated over 11,000 visits to our website, and we have had nearly 3,000 attendees at our COVID-19-related webinars. Our efforts have resulted in over 900 new subscribers to our newsletters and alerts. We think this is strong evidence that we are generating helpful content for our clients and for the larger business community.

What is the best way for the community to get in touch?:
Key contacts for COVID-19-related questions can be found on our COVID-19 Resource Hub. And anyone is welcome to contact me at any time at

What's your favorite way to pass the time during self-quarantine?:
Drinking coffee and exercising (lots of both) - especially running. No earbuds, just back-to-basics, caffeine-fueled outdoor runs.

What's one thing that helps you stay positive or gives you hope during difficult times?:
I take heart from the words of Brian David Johnson, the former Intel futurist, who said recently “Human beings don’t give themselves enough credit. We are incredibly adaptive. I tell my students, back in the time of saber-tooth tigers, we weren’t bigger. Humans weren’t faster, we didn’t have claws. But what we can do that the saber-tooth tiger couldn’t do is we could adapt.”

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