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Spend Time & Money on Your People, Not Processes


Software makes us more productive, but it can also hold us back. And making different apps easily work together? Forget about it. Configuring those integrations can cost your business more than just time. For every dollar spent on purchasing software, companies typically spend five dollars integrating it. And when a typical business uses fifteen different apps, those integration costs add up quick. 

But integrations are hugely powerful for running and optimizing your business—for everything from keeping your sales and finance teams on the same page, to even driving sales by integrating analytics. 

Zoho has seen the struggles teams go through as they attempt to integrate the applications they depend on to run their business. The rewards of having them work together are immeasurable, and undertaking an integration project can be well worth the effort, but we know firsthand that integration is hard.

So what do you do? You could bite the bullet and spend on a third-party option (such as Zapier or Cloudwork) to integrate your apps, or your development team can spend the next few weekends manually developing those integrations.

Another option is to stop worrying about integration all together, and join Zoho for a free seminar in Portland on March 23rd to learn more about how Zoho One can help you streamline and grow your business.

Let them help you focus on what you do best: running your business.  

Register for the Zoho One seminar in Portland on March 23rd here. 

TAO thanks the Zoho One team for providing thought leadership on this subject. 


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