SheerID Helps Brands React to COVID While Supporting Their Customers

SheerID Helps Brands React to COVID While Supporting Their Customers

Technology Association of Oregon member companies continue to offer innovative solutions to support businesses and employees impacted by COVID-19.

Bill Schneider, Head of Product Marketing at SheerID, shares how the company is helping brands react to COVID and support medical workers.

TAO Member Company: SheerID

Give us a short intro to your business:
SheerID helps brands identify and acquire consumer tribes such as students, first-responders, and teachers with personalized offers, gated by instant verification. We have the largest set of authoritative data with 9000 data sources to instantly verify 1.8 billion consumers worldwide. Over 200 brands like Spotify, Target, Lowes and T-mobile use our platform for customer acquisition and revenue activation. And unlike other marketing platforms, we have an iron-clad privacy guarantee to never share or sell consumer data.

What resources can your business offer to support the community?:
In today’s business climate, many brands are using the SheerID platform to ensure the benefits and discounts they provide to groups like nurses, first-responders, and teachers are going to intended recipients while mitigating fraud. By authoritatively verifying the status of consumers in these groups, SheerID is helping brands react to COVID-19 and the need to support our medical workers.

To help brands prepare for the shift in their marketing strategies in response to the pandemic, SheerID created an educational webinar series on how brands can support essential workers such as nurses, first-responders, and doctors. The series kicks off with the nurse segment, followed by first responders, doctors, teachers, and students. Each webinar will go over how leading brands are responding to the current crisis by implementing personalized offers and instantly verifying various medical workers. In addition, SheerID has expanded its medical verification service to include the UK, Germany and France in addition to its existing support in the US. And it has pledged to offer up to 10,000 verifications for free to brands who are offering free products or services to the medical community.

SheerID is here to help brands do their part in our current situation.

What is the best way for the community to get in touch?:
SheerID’s Contact Us page is routed to a team that is ready to connect and discuss how we can help. Another way for the community to get in touch is through our Stand Up and Stand Out campaign. We welcome brands to attend our next webinar on how to connect with First Responders to discuss best practices and share successful success stories.

What's one thing that helps you stay positive or gives you hope during difficult times?:
Taking it one day at a time and making note of all the good that is happening. We are fortunate because we are working with brands that are doing good by extending benefits to affected populations. It’s extremely heartening to see the outpouring of support that brands are extending. Like Headspace giving free access to their meditation app in 2020 to doctors and nurses. Or Fab Fit Fun providing wellness packages (valued at $200) for free to nurses. And this is just the area that we are working in directly. There are countless other cases where businesses, people and organizations are coming together to support those that need it most.

In addition, being a startup, we have it in our DNA to become -- to be better, faster, and stronger for tomorrow. There has been an intense rallying cry within the company to band together and support one another both internally and externally which helps us feel supported and know that there are good days ahead.

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