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Resiliency Series featuring Wendy Singer

Wendy Singer

TAO’s “Resiliency Series” was created as an opportunity for community members to hear directly from elected officials and key community stakeholders about issues related to the resiliency of our region.

On April 20th, TAO President & CEO Skip Newberry got together with Wendy Singer, Executive Director of Startup Nation Central, for a discussion about Israel’s healthcare system and the secrets of its success in rapidly vaccinating Israel’s population.

As countries around the world race to vaccinate their populations against the Coronavirus, the runaway success of Israel’s healthcare system in rapidly vaccinating a huge percentage of the country’s population is noteworthy. Wendy shared insights into the culture, design and incentives that helped to enable such a rapid deployment of vaccination resources.  She identified lessons that Oregon could use to bolster its vaccine rollout, as well as recommendations for other governments in the event of a future pandemic.


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