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Process Resiliency: Keeping Everything From Hitting the Fan

Catalyte 7.14.20


Having swiftly adapted their day-to-day operations over the past few months in response to the COVID19 crisis, many business leaders are now looking beyond the “first wave” of crisis management to developing dynamic processes and creating stable growth environments in order to weather future disruptions.

Technology Association of Oregon and Catalyte hosted a conversation focused on process resilience where participants learned steps they can take to proactively standardize processes from onboarding and offboarding to institutional knowledge sharing, to ensure their business — and the people who power it — are prepared to overcome any challenges and uncertainty that may arise in the future. And keep processes from backsliding into old habits.






Profile photo of David Bernal

David Bernal, Vice President & Managing Director – Catalyte

Paige Hines Cheatham.jpg

Paige Hines-Cheatham, Program Manager – Catalyte

Skip 2.jpeg

Skip Newberry, President + CEO – Technology Association of Oregon



Catalyte finds and develops technology talent others can’t. Its Odyssey workforce development platform provides new opportunities for exceptional tech talent and powers transformational software engineering ‒ when, where and how it’s needed. The company uses AI to close the talent gap and produce sustainable and diverse technology workforces. With development centers in Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Phoenix-Scottsdale and Portland, Ore., Catalyte offers a range of specialized engineering services that accelerate business outcomes.

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