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Paladin Data Hires Through Bend Tech Tours

Ripple Effect

Founded in 1980, Paladin Data Corporation provides point-of-sale software specializing retail and hardware stores, lumber yards and pharmacies. ​​​​It prides itself on a straightforward POS system that manages a client’s inventory, cost, and margins efficiently. 

Paladin has built its business over the last 37 years by focusing on teamwork, supporting new ideas, positive thinking, and growth opportunities.  Jasmine Stark, Paladin’s Technical Content Manager and User Experience Analyst, recommended that her team participate in TAO Tech Tours after viewing the event advertisement in Startup Bend. The company quickly got behind the idea, and Jasmine set off to make their first Tech Tour an excellent experience for visitors and Paladin employees alike.

Several Paladin staff participated in the Tech Tours – visiting seven other tech companies who were opening their doors in Bend that night. At the office atop beautiful Awbrey Butte, they hosted food and refreshments for over 25 Tech “tourists” other employees stopped to find out more about Paladin and its employment opportunities. They connected, in person, with Yong Joseph Bakos from OSU Cascades about student internship possibilities.  And TAO staff introduced them to other local engagement opportunities, including Women in STEAM and Ignite TAO: Bend.

Among those who toured Paladin that night was a college student who is now interning with Paladin.  The company continues to review resumes from other tech tour participants.

Jasmine said, “We had no idea that the tech community was growing this rapidly in Bend! It’s refreshing, and we look forward to being a vocal part of it in the future.”


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