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Mapping the Silicon Forest

Silicon Forest Map

“Maps are a universal medium for communication, easily understood and appreciated by most people, regardless of language or culture,” said American geologist Daniel F. Merriam in 1996. Although a huge number of the maps we use in 2016 are digital, their significance hasn’t changed. Behind a screen or not, maps let us know where we came from, where we are, and where we’re going in a visually powerful and efficient way.

Silicon Maps, Inc. has been doing just that for the Silicon Forest – a nickname for the cluster of high-tech companies in Washington and Oregon – since 1994. Their map design features many information and communication technology-related companies in the Pacific Northwest, the sheer number alone portraying just what a hotbed for tech creativity and business the Silicon Forest truly is. The map has become a visual tool that elevates the region by supporting local brands, industry leaders, innovators, startups, incubators, and more.

The map will get your company exposure via print distribution, industry trade events, national press releases, and an interactive online version, and TAO members can now showcase their companies on the map at a 20% discount. The map will also be available in poster, postcard, greeting card, and even mousepad form. Whatever iteration it assumes, the map makes for a great year-end gift for customers, employees, and stakeholders alike. “Participating sponsors disseminate posters to hundreds of companies and thousands of industry executives worldwide,” noted one industry marketing vice president.

So what does the 2017 landscape of the Silicon Forest look like? One word: thriving. Make sure your company gets its stake in the flourishing terrain and register it to be included on the map by October 28, 2016. The final product will be delivered directly to your office doorstep in November.

Take advantage of this benefit by contacting Mike Desrosiers – (800)743-6977 – and identify yourself as a member of TAO.

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