June Virtual I Experience Oregon Tech

June Virtual I Experience Oregon Tech

On Monday, June 1st from 9:00 - 10:30 am Technology Association of Oregon hosted an introduction to Oregon’s exciting and growing tech industry during the Virtual Experience Oregon Tech.

Virtual Experience Oregon Tech is open to students and job seekers who are interested in hearing directly from recruiters and leadership about their product or service, company culture, and internships and job openings - either now or in the new future.



NAVEX Global




What areas do you recommend studying to prepare for future positions?

Martin Ambrose - Air-Weigh
"As technology becomes more and more a part of our product, knowledge in Computer Science, Engineering and Business as it relates to Sales/Marketing and Economics is most important."

Kyle Gagliardi - OpenSesame
"Programming languages/frameworks: React, Go, Python, Typescript"

How important is having an internship prior to working post-graduation?

Martin Ambrose - Air-Weigh
"An internship can be extremely helpful in introducing students to the work environment, as well as giving them the hands-on training that can be so important to understanding how all departments work together to design, manufacture and sell the product."

Kyle Gagliardi - OpenSesame
"It depends on many factors, but in some cases, it won't necessarily give you a disadvantage - especially if you're going for an entry-level position and your competition doesn't have them either. Maybe those that were able to get internships their Junior year will be more rewards. Solid work experience - regardless of the industry can be just as important as internships."

What certifications/training is useful for those interested in any of your positions?

Martin Ambrose - Air-Weigh
"Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, and Business degrees are all very useful for anyone interested in our positions."

Kyle Gagliardi - OpenSesame
"Code schools are always great preparation for roles at tech companies even if the person does not go directly into the engineering dept. We just hired a security analyst and having any kind of security certification was important for that role. I think security is becoming more of a focus and will be a skillset on the rise in the future for analysts and engineers."


Melissa Adams.jpg

Melissa Adams
Director, Talent Attraction
NAVEX Global

Martin Ambrose.jpg

Martin Ambros
CEO & President

Kyle Gagliardi.jpg

Kyle Gagliardi
Senior Recruiter

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