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Importance of Virtual Care During a Pandemic

zoom care webinar

As social distancing forces people to find new ways to “see” the doctor, many hospitals and businesses, ZOOM+Care included, are transitioning to telehealth platforms to close the care gap during this global crisis.

What’s more, virtual healthcare plays a vital role in preventing the spread of coronavirus, especially to vulnerable populations.

Technology Association of Oregon and Webinar Series Host Comcast Business hosted an online discussion of telehealth’s role in flattening the COVID-19 curve, and how ZOOM+Care’s virtual offerings, both new and old, will help close the care gap created by coronavirus. We’ll also talk about how telehealth plays into Zoom’s overall brand mission of giving people healthcare where they want, when they want it, and how they want.

Finally, we’ll discuss how COVID-19 will, for many people, serve as an introduction to virtual healthcare, and how this will inevitably shape the future of healthcare.





Ashley Powers.jpeg

Ashley Powers
Marketing Manager, Comcast Business


Ashley Banks.png

Ashleigh Banks
Senior Manager – Product & Brand Experience, Zoom+Care



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