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Finding Equity when Reshaping Education Delivery

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As COVID-19 continues to spread, many teachers, parents and students are trying to navigate learning online for the first time. For families with no access to technology and limitations on access to internet services the digital divide – especially during times of emergency – becomes even greater.

This unparalleled education disruption has caused more than a slight inconvenience for educators and students, and there are signs it could have a lasting impact on the trajectory of learning innovation and digitization.

Portland non-profit Free Geek is on the frontline during this crisis as a connector between educators, families and industry. While communicating with schools and districts throughout Multnomah and Washington counties, the Free Geek team assesses the needs for teachers, parents and students and works with broadband providers to be a resource for their expanded, inclusive offerings.

Technology Association of Oregon and Webinar Series Host Comcast Business held a discussion with Free Geek’s Digital Inclusion Manager, Adelle Pomeroy, on the challenges and opportunities for education delivery and how we can support all students in the new learning landscape.




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Adelle Pomeroy
Digital Inclusion Manager
Free Geek



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