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Expand Your Lens: How Inclusive Design Benefits Everyone

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The Inclusive Design Toolkit developed by Cambridge University states that “inclusive design is a design process… in which a product, service or environment is designed to be usable by as many people as reasonably possible, without the need for specialized adaptations.” Inclusive design considers different aspects of human diversity such as ability, language, culture, gender, and age.

As technology leaders, designers, developers, and implementers, you reflect the world as you experience it, naturally leading to bias and exclusion without intent in the products you create. Participants learned more about dominant culture informed design, design process from experts who look through a different lens, and resources to continue designing more inclusive and accessible products and were introduced to the Technology Association of Oregon Technologist Community co-chairs, Nadya Duke Boone and Dahv Kliner.




Sarah Murray Headshot.png
Executive Creative Director
Greg Gasperin Headshot.png
Greg Gasperin
CEO / Head of Product
Gillian Hayes Headshot.png
VP Graduate Education, Dean of Graduate Division
Shaylor Murray Headshot.png
Managing Director
Christa Arriaga Volker Headshot.png
Director of Digital Strategy
A group of like-minded individuals across the state of Oregon that come together to expand knowledge and provide resources that help technologists in their current & future roles. Professional development and resources are provided through opportunities to learn from one another, network with other members, increase awareness of the role of engineering & technology in society, and volunteer opportunities that support Oregon’s broader community.

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