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Evolve Your Startup: It’s All About Traction – Sell, Sell, Sell!


After months, or maybe even years of finding product/market fit, you’re ready to take your product to market!  You’re excited to have people all over the world enjoy the benefits your product can provide. So why is it that one of the biggest hurdles for a startup is gaining initial traction?

Join us on October 10th as we hear from successful entrepreneurs, from an array of backgrounds, talk about how selling is and will always be the biggest key to your company’s success. They will share how they’re companies flourished because of the time and effort they put into being good sales reps and how they passed this knowledge to all their employees no matter what role they played in the organization – everyone selling, all the time!

Topics will Include:

  • Developing yourself as a salesperson
  • The right time to hire a sales person/team and how to do it successfully
  • Developing a pipeline/demand generation
  • Sales conversion
  • Selling into international markets
  • Sales Management Applications



Chanin Ballance, Co-founder &
Chief Executive Officer, Veelo


Scott Campbell, Chief Revenue Officer, Lytics


Leah Daniels, Vice President Business Development, Galois

Sce Pike, Chief Executive Officer & President, IOTAS


Tom O’Keefe, President & Chief Executive Officer, 4-Tell


When: Tuesday, October 10th
Time: 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM (light dinner and drinks will be provided)
5:00 PM Check-in and networking | 5:30 Panel and Q&A
Cost: TiE Oregon and TAO Members $5 / Nonmembers $25

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