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Diversity & Inclusion Professionals get the training and resources they need at two-day ACT-W: Achieving Equity summit

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Diversity and inclusion job postings at employment search engine giant Indeed have risen dramatically, marking a 35% increase from 2016 to 2018. It’s clear that today’s workplaces want to do the right thing, and recognize the need to dedicate individuals to recruiting and retaining diverse employees and ensuring the workplace is welcoming and inclusive.

However, the work doesn’t stop after hiring staff to focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

Beyond the Diversity Manager hire

National nonprofit ChickTech, an organization that engages women of all ages in the technology industry while working to create a better technology culture for all, continues to hear stories of barriers from passionate, creative individuals working in DEI roles. ChickTech’s long-time partner, the Technology Association of Oregon (TAO) has been a tireless supporter of incorporating DEI policies into Oregon tech community.

“We know technology companies and their leadership are committed to DEI efforts based on involvement in initiatives like Tech Town,” said Cara Snow, Chief Community Engagement Officer at TAO. “Now we need to work together to embed these efforts throughout organizations by focusing our most precious resources of time and funding.”

Managers and employees tasked with making critical changes in company policies and cultures are often left with few resources and limited training opportunities. Those with a passion and drive to transform workplaces into diverse, equitable, inclusive spaces need––and deserve––ample support to help them enact change.

TAO’s dedication to this work showed up, in part, through the creation of a Culture & Engagement Community this year to provide the professionals leading this work with a safe space to collaborate. ChickTech aims to add to this inclusive space in the Portland tech community through an exciting new event.

Achieving Equity: A Summit for DEI Professionals

ChickTech’s years of bringing career-advancing workshops and engaging talks to technical women and allies at ACT-W (Advancing the Careers of Technical Women) Conferences across the country allowed the nonprofit to collect an uncountable number of comments and stories expressing a need and desire for DEI education.

This year, ChickTech is proud to announce ACT-W: Achieving Equity, a boutique summit providing action-oriented training and deep discussions to level up diversity initiatives and better enact real, measurable change.

ACT-W: Achieving Equity was built from the ground up to help the brightest thinkers and greatest doers in DEI make change happen. The two-day DEI summit provides action-oriented training and deep discussions to level up diversity initiatives and better implement real, measurable changes. A specialized DEI Certification add-on is also offered at the event.

Ready to attend?

Achieving Equity is a must for individuals actively working to create change in their company or community. DEI professionals, managers, recruiters, community leaders, and allies will all come away with invaluable tools and strategies that can be implemented right away.

Tickets start at $750, with a DEI Certificate of Completion track for $2,000. Join us from June 26-27, 2019 in Portland, OR for ACT-W: Achieving Equity. Use the code ‘TAO19’ for 15% off your ticket!


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