Digital Health Week: Day One AI & Data Lookback

Digital Health Week: Day One AI & Data Lookback

The complexity and growth of data in healthcare means that artificial intelligence (AI) is being used more and more in this area. Many types of artificial intelligence are already used by payers, healthcare providers, and life sciences companies, including diagnosis and treatment recommendations, patient retention and compliance, and administrative activities.

Our first session for Digital Health Week discussed current and future applications of AI with respect to healthcare data.


Stacey Wagner.png

Stacey Wagner

Director of Life Science Tracks, Graduate Internship Program

Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact

University of Oregon


Euan Cameron - Smallest.jpg

Euan Cameron

CEO & Founder

COHESION Medical Group

John Profile_small.jpeg

John Harkness, Phd.

President & CEO

Rewire Neuro, Inc

Jonathan Mattes.jpg

Jonathan Mattes, MSDS

Director, Analytics & Development


FEATURED DIGITAL HEALTH WEEK VIDEOSThroughout Digital Health Week (November 16th - 19th), Technology Association of Oregon will be hosting conversations focused on AI & Data Innovation, International Innovation, Innovation in Healthcare Delivery Systems, and Innovation in Policy.In addition to the planned daily panels we are releasing videos from health tech companies on the above themes highlighting their products and services.THE ROLE OF AI IN POPULATION HEALTH MANAGEMENT: EARLY DETECTION OF CHRONIC DISEASEFeaturing Ohad Arazi Chief Executive Officer, Zebra Medical Vision LtdZebra-Med’s mission is to provide radiologists the tools they need to make the next leap in patient care. The demand for medical imaging services is continuously increasing, outpacing the supply of qualified radiologists and stretching them to produce more output, without compromising patient care. Only by adopting new technology that significantly enhances the capabilities of radiologists, can this crisis be mitigated. Zebra-Med is empowering radiologists with its revolutionary AI1 offering which helps health providers manage the ever increasing workload without compromising quality. Find out more at Zebra Medical Vision Ltd.INTRODUCTION TO COHESION MEDICALCOHESION is a Connected Citizen Health company, making global health more affordable, accessible and inclusive.Lifelong Health and Wellness: COHESION is transforming health by empowering citizens to increase quality of life and improve health experiences over their lifetime.Systems to Empower People: Our AI-driven system enables citizens to communicate, manage and maintain a more accurate, holistic record of their health, allowing more proactive, timely and effective interventions.Transforming global citizen health: Our ethical data technology is making citizens more empowered, services more efficient and sciences more innovative, accelerating population health and precision medicine.Find out more at COHESION MEDICAL

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