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Develop a Cybersecurity Strategy

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Technology Association of Oregon (TAO) is excited to announce a partnership with leading technology advisory firm Info-Tech Research Group to provide best practice research for its members.

As part of this partnership, we are pleased to offer TAO members a tool kit for Developing a Cybersecurity Strategy:

Today, organizations are facing perfect storm of risk factors: Increasing business adoption of enterprise technology, increasing technology sophistication, and a proliferation of hacking techniques and actors.

Just because you haven’t identified a breach doesn’t mean you’re secure. A good security program is proactive about closing security gaps because ignorance is never blissful. Yet, performing an accurate assessment of your current security operations and maturity levels can be extremely difficult when you don’t know what to assess or how.

This robust cybersecurity framework will help you generate a comprehensive, actionable, and measurable security roadmap. It will help you:

  • Understand current security practice capabilities and performance.

  • Understand your security obligations, scope, boundaries, and responsibilities.

  • Establish a security target state based on your organizational context.

  • Develop a strategy and roadmap to help you achieve your security target state.

To find out about how your organization can learn more about developing cybersecurity strategy please connect with Cara Snow ( or Geoff Nielson (, VP Product Development.

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