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Bridging Oregon Landscape and Tech

New TAO Images

When TAO offered me this project, I was pretty excited because, as a designer, both nature and connection are two topics that I often try to play with in my work. This project had the unique challenge of connecting different aspects of Oregon’s landscape along with tech. The coast, agriculture, desert, and mountains were where we decided to focus. 

I wanted to unify these aspects by thinking of what connected us. I often asked myself throughout this process how we have bridged these various landscapes and how technology can be a tool in aiding that. Thinking of these connections, I used circuit board imagery to create each of the four landscapes. The circuit board imagery marks several significant features that make up each of the four landscapes. 

From there, I decided to use one singular landmark to represent each of the four landscapes. There was important in choosing landmarks from each area that were recognizable while also being combined with circuit board imagery. For the image to represent the mountains, I decided on Mt. Bachelor. Located in central Oregon, Mt. Bachelor has the largest ski resort in Oregon. For the Oregon coast, I decided Haystack Rock was the most recognizable imagery. I have many fond memories at both Mt. Bachelor and Haystack Rock and figured it would bring up many memories for others. For the Oregon desert, Fort Rock State Park was what I chose. It is a National Natural Landmark and a historical state park in the high desert of Oregon. For the last natural feature, agriculture, I decided rows of fields would be best suited. Twenty-six percent of Oregon is farmland. These four natural elements make up essential parts that contribute to the state of Oregon as a whole. 

Oregon has many different areas that make it the unique state that it is. The mountains, coast, agriculture, and desert make Oregon beautiful and unforgettable. Not only is the landscape exceptional, but so are the community and technology that help drive the state.

Jessica Berge is a graphic designer currently located in Spokane, Washington.

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