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Announcing the Rebranded Client Operations and Services Community

I am pleased to announce that the Technology Services Community is re-branding as the Client Operations and Services Community.  This reflects the explosive growth the TAO has had over the last several years, and a continued effort to ensure the content and community speak to the constituents that would gain the most from participation.  With the addition of several new communities and labs, it was determined that changing the name to reflect the specific business division that would gain value from engagement made sense.    Our goal is to continue to provide world class signature events, content, and community building events to the client operations, customer success, and product delivery teams in the Oregon technology scene.   

With that, our happy hours will be recommencing every ThirdWednesday of the month!  We would love to have you down to our next one in May.   We are also looking for folks that want to contribute as part of the steering committee to help drive the vision of where we take the community.  Anyone that holds a management level role within the client operations and customer success organization with your company and a desire to participate, please reach out and stop by at our next happy hour!  We would be happy to talk to you.


Paul Carrico, Chair of Client Operations and Services Community 

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