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A Conversation about Health & Wellness for Returning to Work

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As more employees return to the office, executive assistant, office and facility manager staff have a bigger role to play in ensuring workplaces are COVID-safe –  directing physical distancing protocols, promoting good hygiene, keeping records of employee health, taking action if employees become unwell, and practicing communication that is intentional and proactive.

The responsibilities will be greater, more varied and not without risk – both physical and emotional. So how do you tackle these changes and challenges from a place of confidence, not fear, and support your own well-being in the process?

Technology Association of Oregon and Hyphn Studio hosted a cohort of workplace experience leaders for an interactive conversation about the possibilities, within workplaces of the future, when we put well-being at the center of the conversation as we start returning to the office.




Heather Leachman Beck.png
Director, Workplace Innovation
Caitlin Cunningham.png
Workplace Strategist
Sarah Drew.png
Sr. Director of Strategic Planning
Sarah Malin.png
Workplace Researcher + Coach
Marisa Silva.png
Workplace Experience Expert
Diana Williams.png
Sr. Sales Enablement Consultant, Business Development
For over 75 years we have built a sterling reputation one inspiring and resolute workplace at a time. Now, we’ve stepped into a new era with decades of refined expertise and fresh creative inspiration. Throughout it all, one thing has never changed…we create solutions that don’t simply photograph well, we handcraft spaces that work.
Quality craftsmanship and attractive space has always been in style. But we know that thoughtful design doesn’t simply survive a 9-5, it absorbs creative energy and amplifies it. We set out to create solutions that foster human-to-human interaction and reconnect a company with its goals, culture, and community.
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