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2022 Annual Member Meeting

TAO just had it’s Annual Member Meeting for 2022 and we wanted to make sure it was available for all our members! Thank you to everyone who tuned in and everyone who supports TAO’s mission and initiatives! You can follow the link below to watch the presentation in it’s entirety!

If you don’t have time to watch the whole video, that’s totally fine! Here is your summary of what we addressed!

Updates to the Board

We are welcoming three new board members! Leigh Gower CTO of Dutch bros, Amir Johnson, Director of External Affairs for AT&T-Oregon, and Eric Pierce, Vice President of IT and Chief Information Officer. 

We are so thankful for all the work that John Kochavatr has put in as the chair of the TAO board. John will transition into the Board Chair Emeritus, and Allie Magyar, of Notified, will be stepping into the role of Board Chair! We are also grateful to the following terming board members who have worked so hard within the TAO leadership!

  • Charmaine Guillory Marketing Manager, Brand Marketing, Market Research & Strategy at CDG
  • Bonnie Page Founding Partner at Clementine Legal
  • Elizabeth Richard Interim CIO / CIO Consultant
  • Javier Ruiz CEO & Co-Founder at CARZATO

the following Board members were reelected!

John Kochavatr, PGE, Chair Emeritus

Allie Magyar, Notified, Chair

Scott Keeney, nLIGHT

Brent Bullock, Perkins Coie, Secretary

Rod Clark, KPMG, Treasurer

Litzy Garcia, Daimler

Mariah Scott, At-Large

Lora Haddock DiCarlo, Lora DiCarlo

Membership Updates:

  • Membership now operates on a rolling admissions. Membership lasts a year from enrollment/renewal.
  • New Auto-renewal option for members!
  • New Membership tiers!
    • For companies between 101-249 employees in Oregon, Membership is now $6,600.
    • For companies above 250 employees in Oregon, Membership is $8,600.
    • New Premier Membership offers a bundle of sponsorship+Exclusive member benefits!
  • Membership Benefits
    • Member Marketplace: Partner discounts are being added regularly! Check for discounts, resources and more!
    • Yearly member spotlight: Linkedin Article

Upcoming Events 

You can find all of these events, register and submit your own events on our live events calendar!


Nov. 4 – Annual Cybersecurity + Fintech Summit

Nov. 10 – Product Manager v.s Product Marketing Manager: A Panel Conversation

Nov. 15 – Tech in Color: Career Development Boot Camp

Dec. 8 – Attracting Talent: A Leader Launchpad & People Community Event

Dec. 8 – Founders Investing in Founders – “Ask Me Anything” – Fishbowl Format


Get Connected

To stay up to date and get engaged with all the resources, benefits and events you might like, reach out to!

To find out about sponsorship opportunities and learn how you can drive innovation and gain visibility through sponsorships, you can view the Sponsorship Prospectus and reach out to

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