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2021 Annual Cybersecurity Summit

Cybersecurity Summit Blog Post

In addition to a global pandemic and social unrest, 2020 was a year that saw over 1,000 data breaches and over 155 million individuals affected by data exposures or accidental revelation of sensitive information due to less-than-adequate information security. Beyond data breaches, the news is replete with cyber attacks causing the failure of military equipment and the theft of national security secrets.

While these threats and attacks are a big deal, the outcomes rarely have an immediate impact on an average citizen’s life; however, when a cyber attack causes electrical blackouts, gasoline shortages or compromises your medical record, the consequences hit much closer to home. The Technology Association of Oregon (TAO) brought together cyber security experts and professionals to explore how cyber security and cyber threats are affecting everyday life for business owners,  security professionals and individual consumers.

During this event, participants discussed the current state of cybersecurity in Oregon, explored the everyday impact of cyber precautions and attacks, discussed building the cyber professional talent pipeline and get a global perspective on cyber from international experts at Mastercard. Additionally, presentation were hosted on the technical trends occurring in cyber as well as an interactive exercise for attendees to walk away with actionable learnings. Lastly, there is a strong cybersecurity start-up ecosystem in the state and four companies participated in lightning talks about their innovative technologies that will keep your business from being disrupted.



Charlie Kawasaki.png
Vito Nozza - circle.png
Principal Cybersecurity Consultant
Associate Professor | EECS
Director Product Marketing
Jeff Gaus.png
Business & Information Systems
Mark Sangster Headshort.png
Principal Evangelist & VP Industry Security Strategies
Ron Talwalker.png
Director, Cyber Intelligence and Solutions
Rebecca Ledingham.png
Global VP/Senior Business Leader Cybersecurity
James Dirksen Headshot.png
Director of HSOG & Professor
Bob Turner Headshot.png
Field CISO – Higher Education
Theresa Masse.png
Director, Cyber & Intelligence Solutions
Nicola Entwistle 300PX.png
Vice President of Product Management
Plamena G 300PX.png
Director of Product Sales, Cyber & Intelligence Solutions

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