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Oregon Technology PAC

Advance policy that aligns with your business interests

The Oregon Technology PAC is a political action committee in Oregon whose focus is to support candidates for office who promote and advocate for the agenda of the state’s technology industry.

Contributing to the PAC offers many benefits to TAO members, including:

  • An independent vehicle that enables TAO members to support elected officials whose policies and voting records are aligned with the Oregon technology industry.
  • Enhanced credibility and influence that bolsters TAO’s advocacy efforts.
  • Advancing a policy agenda that aligns with and benefits the shared interests of small, medium, and large technology companies in the state.
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Oregon Technology PAC is a political action committee originally formed in 1984 by the former American Electronics Association, Oregon Council. When AeA became TechAmerica in 2008, the PAC was renamed and became an independent organization not affiliated with any specific association. Its goal is to make campaign contributions primarily to candidates for the Oregon Legislature and statewide office who support the agenda of the Oregon high technology industry. It can also get involved in ballot measure campaigns. It cannot legally be involved in federal campaigns.

Oregon law permits corporate as well as individual contributions to political action committees. There are no dollar limits.

Oregon tax law allows a tax credit of $50 per year for single filers and $100 per year for joint filers for individual contributions to Oregon candidates or Political Action Committees. You may not claim a tax credit for contributions in federal races (Congress, Senate, US President, etc).

The PAC is managed by a third-party provider, C&E Systems of Portland, Oregon. C&E Systems takes care of all state reporting requirements. Individual or corporate contributors to the PAC have no separate reporting requirements.

Yes. All contributors will receive regular updates throughout the election year on the status of contributions as well as a final report after the primary and general elections. Contributors are welcome to participate in the process and suggestions regarding specific candidates are always welcome.

  • The technology industry is knowledge-based and therefore cares deeply about education at all levels, with an emphasis on STEM education in K-12 and in higher education. Beyond the need to build a strong, local workforce, excellence in education particularly in K-12 is crucial to our ability to attract and retain employees in Oregon.
  • Another key focus of the technology industry is the ability to gain capital and assist startup companies. While we believe ultimately capital formation is a private sector responsibility, we believe that government can play a limited role in providing capital, assisting mentoring programs, and facilitating technology transfer from universities to the market.
  • Tax policies are also important, from the large-scale incentives programs such as the Strategic Investment Program and Enterprise Zones to more narrow targeted incentives for early-stage growth companies. Such programs should be transparent and recipients should be accountable. 
  • Regional infrastructure is also critical, especially in the transportation sector. We need to help our employees get to work and help our companies get products to market efficiently.
  • Similarly, the regulatory infrastructure is key – companies need certainty in siting decisions, building permits, and environmental regulations.

You can read the Oregon Technology PAC’s bylaws here.