Teri Hockett

VP, TAO / Head of TAO - Central Oregon

Teri Hockett brings a wide-range of experience in successful event planning and management as well as the ability to create the buzz around the events via social media channels and establishing and nurturing relationships. As a public speaker and writer for several news organizations, she knows the benefits of sharing your passion in a clear, concise, and engaging manner.

The majority of Teri's experience has been in the tech sector, first as a contract recruiter for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) with a primary focus on technicians through physicists, then directly for LLNL in the Mechanical Engineer Department office. More recently, she was in the Software Development field.  Teri has found that communication is a key component to customer satisfaction; being able to fully understand the client’s requirements as well as what your company has to offer is what she strives to effectively integrate.

Bend became her home after closing What’s For Work in 2015.  She has taken this time to enjoy as many of the activities that Bend has to offer and is now ready to positively impact the economic development of the technology industry in Central Oregon.

Central Oregon