Recruitment Challenges Within Tech Leadership

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Feb 08, 2017
7:00 am to 9:00 am
Ruby Receptionists
805 SW Broadway
Suite 900
Portland, OR 97205

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One fact that unites all IT leaders is the challenge of having the right talent, at the right time.  The reality is, regardless of the size of your team and the resources you have - you know your team and you know who will best fit that open role, or roles.    

For leaders within IT, it can be difficult to shift gears between business impact and processes and work on recruiting for your team.  If your team is large enough, you have an HR department and possibly internal or external recruiters on your side.  You may also have a few noteworthy perks that get potential candidates excited about becoming a part of your team.  IT leaders heading up smaller shops may have less resources, but increased flexibility in the means in which they find talent.

Join us the morning of Wednesday, February 8th for our first event this year, which will assist IT leaders in improving their recruitment strategies by being their own brand ambassador for their teams, company and technology.  Our strong panel of recruitment experts have worked on the inside and outside of tech companies and know what it takes for IT leaders to have a solid candidate pool, when it’s needed most.  This session will bring tangible strategies for IT leaders to take charge of their own recruitment and hiring.

Questions to be answered during this session:

  • How do you maximize your recruiting resources and decide on where to put them?

  • How do you get yourself, your team and your company out there for recruiting the right candidates?

  • How do you, personally, differentiate yourself for the right candidates?


Sara Stowe


Reel Culture


With 20 years of experience and passion for the work, Sara Stowe supports companies that want to make smart choices about who they hire. Through deep insights and storytelling, Sara helps small to medium-sized companies articulate work culture in order to help develop their employer brand. She then assists in building a structured interview process that is customized to each company, and teaches them how to get it right for a sustainable solution for future hiring.



Art Amela

Career Services Manager




David Barwick

Technical Recruiter + Cat Herder

CDK Global

David Barwick began his recruiting career 15 yrs ago and has experience with agency recruiting, owning his own recruiting consulting company, and currently turning the world of Corporate technical recruiting upside down. Currently a passionate advocate of all topics related to Candidate Experience or Recruiting Trends and never shy about speaking his mind. UO Grad, IPA aficionado, soccer coach, wrestling coach, baseball coach, and car junkie.


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