The Future of AI in Medicine: Using Machine Learning to Transform Health

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Sep 30, 2019
5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
111 SW 5th Avenue
Suite 300
Portland, OR 97204

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Join the Technology Association of Oregon as we discuss Artificial Intelligence and the profound impacts it will have on multiple industries, healthcare among them.  Attendees will have an opportunity to hear a keynote presentation from Dr. Jose Morey, Chief Medical Innovation Officer of Liberty BioSecurity and Singularity University faculty-member, on trends to watch as AI adoption increases, and what this means for healthcare patients and practitioners.  Following Dr. Morey's presentation, we have assembled a panel of local digital health executives from local startups and established companies who will talk about their groundbreaking work in the area of AI and healthcare. 



Dr. Jose Morey 

Health and Technology Speaker, Consultant for NASA, IBM, Hyperloop Transportation, and Liberty BioSecurity

About Speaker José Morey

José Morey, M.D., is a health and technology keynote speaker and a consultant for NASA, IBM, Hyperloop Transportation, and Liberty Bio Security. His talks focus on the future of health and medicine in terms of emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing, hyperloop travel, and space exploration.

His expertise in big data and innovation have made him a much sought-after consultant in many industries. As Chief Medical Innovation Officer for Liberty BioSecurity,  he helps drive innovation in genetic intelligence, national defense biotechnologies, precision medicine and augmented human performance. 

As Associated Chief Health Officer for IBM Watson Health, he helped develop AI medical technologies. As Chief Engineering Council in charge of Innovation for Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, he aided in the development of the augmented reality window technology to alleviate passenger discomfort. And as the Medical Technology and Artificial Intelligence Adviser for NASA iTech, he helped evaluate research initiatives that would develop novel biotechnology to meet the 2030 Mars Mission objectives and deep space exploration.

Morey has also consulted with other companies and healthcare systems to help create and train their deep learning algorithms and neural networks to create intelligent systems in healthcare and aerospace.

Morey sits on several AI advisory boards and has over 50 peer-reviewed publications, presentations, and lectures. He also has a seat on the Informatics Leadership Council for the American College of Radiology. 

He has given talks to NASA360, the Radiologic Society of North America, HIIMS, Academy Health, Health Datapalooza, Tech.Co, Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange, Stifel Nicolaus Healthcare Investment Conference, the Chinese Medical Association and the Senate of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Morey holds an adjunct professorship of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging at the University of Virginia and at Eastern Virginia Medical School. And he is a guest lecturer at Singularity University.



Ajay Malhotra
Vice President, Advisory & Transaction Services | CBRE

Ajay Malhotra is currently a commercial real estate broker at CBRE. The son of a career diplomat, Ajay is fluent in the language and culture of technology, global business and commercial real estate, and has been dubbed a globetrotting “universal translator.” After 20 years in the tech industry—from microprocessor design to enterprise software, predictive analytics, and clean technology—he now helps tech startups navigate the search for office space in Portland. Ajay has walked the very path his client’s traverse—as a senior executive at public multinationals like Intel and Cadence and in the trenches at cash­strapped startups raising VC money. Ajay is active in the angel and mentoring community helped bring TiE to Oregon and is on the boards of The Technology Association of Oregon and the Japan America Society of Oregon.


Maryam Gholami
Vice President, Head of Product Design & Development for Digital Innovations I Providence St. Joseph Health

Maryam Gholami is vice president, head of product, design and development for digital innovations at Providence St. Joseph Health (PSJH). She brings over 15 years of experience in building technology products and companies, leading multidisciplinary teams including product, design, and engineering, within well-established companies and start-ups such as Microsoft, Practice Fusion and Zoi Health. At PSJH, she is responsible for the incubation and growth of the consumer digital products portfolio and also applications of advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning to bring access and convenience to consumers, simplify caregiving and increase operational efficiency. With almost 10 years of experience in machine learning and artificial intelligence including information retrieval, recommendation engines, NLP, voice, and computer vision, Maryam has been instrumental in moving healthcare forward with AI. Some of her most recent work includes AI-enabled HIPAA compliant voice skills through partnership with Amazon Alexa, digital health assistant chatbot for navigation and triage, and applications of computer vision in digital payment and registration.

Prior to PSJH, Maryam was the co-founder and CEO of Zoi Health, a start-up which combined the power of human coaches and AI to provide ongoing monitoring and health coaching to people with chronic conditions such as Diabetes and Hypertension


Sourabh Kothari
Co-Founder & CEO | Mindcurrent

Sourabh Kothari is the CEO of Mindcurrent, a stress relief app that uses artificial intelligence to measure emotions and provide personalized recommendations for tens of thousands of users worldwide. Prior to Mindcurrent, Kothari was a marketer on Wall Street and Silicon Valley where he produced Emmy-nominated programs for some of the world’s largest brands.


Hayden Reece
Behavioral Strategist | Hawes Group

Hayden Reece is currently the Behavioral Strategist at Hawes GRoup with Professional Credit. In this role, he provides insights into the behaviors of consumers based on financial decision-making and uses his insight to improve consumer engagement by applying behavioral science techniques in call center settings and through digital engagement. Prior to joining Professional Credit and Hawes GROup, he served as VP of Product Development and Analytics and worked with KG Haws, which provides consumer financial engagement software solutions in market research and analytics design. Previously, he was an assistant researcher at the Center for Brain Health in Dallas, Texas. Hayden earned a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology from Sewanee - The University of the South.

 Dr. Brian Wheeler
Hospitalist I Providence Portland Medical Center

Brian Wheeler, M.D., is a hospitalist at Providence Portland Medical Center, a tertiary care facility operated by Providence St. Joseph Health in Portland, Oregon, and serves as Physician Lead for a pilot project exploring use of artificial intelligence in the inpatient setting for Providence Oregon Region hospitals.  He is experienced in LEAN process improvement, clinical database development, electronic health records, and is a certified EPIC EHR Poweruser.  

Prior to Providence Portland, Wheeler was Assistant Professor of Medicine and Medical Director of Inpatient Quality for the Department of Internal Medicine at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Oregon. 



AI and Digital Health Professionals interested in expanding their knowledge on how some of the industry's leading experts anticipate new trends, technological advances, and emerging insights will affect an ever-expanding topic.