The Evolution & Future of 3D Printing

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Oct 13, 2016
5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
926 NW 13th Ave
Suite 300
Portland, OR 97209

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Join us on Thursday, October 13th in Portland for our discussion on 3D printing and what it means for the future of both manufacturing and development innovation.  An esteemed panel of industry experts will share their thoughts on the evolution of 3D printing and what it means for developers.  

Speakers include Mike Regan, HP Inc's Section Manager, 3D Printing, Materials and Advanced Applications, Shashi Jain, Intel's Corporate Innovation and IoT/3D Printing Manager, and Bob Taylor, HP Inc's Senior Software Architect focused on web service development and deployment for 3D printing.  The panel will be moderated by Chris Liddell, Senior Engineering Manager at Apex Clearing Corporation.   

Both HP Inc. and Intel have a long history of driving innovation in products and solutions, across the hardware and software industries, and are poised to lead the new wave 3D brings to the future for developers.  Audience members will also hear exciting insights on the recently launched (a new developer's portal) and e-NABLE (a community for 3D printable prosthetics). 

Questions to be answered during this session:

  • What does 3D Printing mean for the future of manufacturing, from each company’s perspective?  

  • What does it look like in two years, five years, ten years

  • How does 3D printing help drive the future of innovation, and what does it mean for developers



Mike Regan

Section Manager, 3D Printing, Materials and Advanced Applications


Mike Regan is a Lab and Section Manager for HP’s 3D Printing Business, running the 3D Advanced Materials and Applications teams.  He has worked at HP for over 20 years in a variety of technology and management functions from MEMS R&D to print system commercialization.  He received his PhD from Stanford University in Applied Physics.


Bob Taylor

Senior Software Architect


Bob Taylor is a Senior Software Architect at HP, focusing on web service development & deployment for 3D printing.  He has experience in developing print workflows in the production, consumer, and enterprise markets.


Shashi Jain

IoT Innovation Manager

Intel Corporation

Shashi is focused on Corporate Innovation and working in the Internet of Things (IoT) and 3D Printing. Early stage startup advisor. Speaker. Teacher of entrepreneurship.

His work at Intel uses Lean Startup, Customer Development and Design Thinking to build new IoT products. Shashi works with startups to accelerate these innovations to market. He brings a diverse skill set and 20 years experience in business development, engineering integration, rapid prototyping, and community building to my work.

Shashi currently serve as curriculum designer and lead instructor for TiE Youth Entrepreneurs Oregon, a program that teaches entrepreneurship skills and innovation methods to high school students. He works with the eNABLE community to deliver 3D printed prosthetic limbs to those in need. Shashi is the Founder of the Portland 3D Printing Lab, a community of over 950 3D Printing enthusiasts in Portland, OR.

For the last three years, he has had the opportunity to speak at various tech conferences and events about 3D printing and the eNABLE movement.

Previously held roles include: Product manager and Technologist at Intel Corporation. Startup Founder at Grepic, and MatterCompilers, Corporate Innovation at UP Global.



Chris Liddell

Senior Engineering Manager

Apex Clearing Corporation


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