Central Oregon
Diversity & Leadership: Unconscious Biases

Event Details

Mar 27, 2018
1:30 pm to 3:30 pm
OSU-Cascades Graduate Research Center
650 SW Columbia St, Room 209
Bend, OR 97702



Driving Inclusive Innovation for Central Oregon

Unconscious Biases, Stereotype Threat and Microaggressions: Research shows that even individuals committed to equality harbor unconscious biases and unintended microaggressions that impact everyday decisions and interactions. In the IT workplace, unconscious biases, stereotype threats and microaggressions can mislead employers, both male and female, to make inaccurate judgments in hiring, project selection, performance reviews, and promotion.  Learn the research, take the training and understand how to implement strategies in your organization to combat these and help your employees, projects and organization thrive.

Ranemaker Institute will provide Inclusive Innovation Workshops once a month that tackles the latest issues companies are facing today.  Each session will cover 30 minutes learning, 30 minutes hands-on activities to jumpstart your organizations' tactical action plans to integrate into your company’s success and 30 minutes discussion with your peers around challenges and opportunities in deploying these tactics.  Of course, in Bend style it’s not all work, we will also provide 30 minutes of networking drinks and snacks.