Central Oregon
Diversity & Leadership: Respect in the Workplace

Event Details

Mar 26, 2019
1:30 pm to 4:30 pm
OSU-Cascades Graduate Research Center
650 SW Columbia St, Room 209
Bend, OR 97702



Driving Inclusive Innovation for Central Oregon

Attendees will understand and recognize the need to remember most employees have good intentions but there is a lack of awareness when your group is in dominance. It may result in unintentional harassment, bullying, hostile work environment and discrimination. Participants will understand underrepresented and dominant group misunderstandings that result in challenging situations, understand state and federal discrimination, harassment and sexual harassment laws. Students will learn how to change personal approaches, workplace environment, and social situations to encourage inclusive behavior and respect in the workplace for all their peers, managers and leaders. This highly interactive class will have opportunities for students to work with everyone in the room, in small groups, in role play, and in active discussions.

​​​​​​Ranemaker Institute provides the sixth in the series of monthly Inclusive Innovation Workshops that tackle the latest issues companies are facing today. Each session will cover 30 minutes learning, 30 minutes hands-on activities to jumpstart your organizations' tactical action plans to integrate into your company’s success and 30 minutes discussion with your peers around challenges and opportunities in deploying these tactics.