Central Oregon
Diversity & Leadership: New Generations, New Thinking

Event Details

Nov 19, 2019
1:30 pm to 3:30 pm
OSU-Cascades Graduate Research Center
650 SW Columbia St, Room 209
Bend, OR 97702



Driving Inclusive Innovation for Central Oregon

New Generations, New Thinking – Harnessing the Power of Demographic Change to Transform Diversity and Inclusion.  In recent years there has been much discussion of demographic change in the workplace and age being an important dimension of diversity – whether this is the challenge of age discrimination at both ends of the spectrum, or the idea of generational conflict as boomers age and younger employees look for advancement but also more freedom at work.

How to address generational issues in the workplace will be covered and a look at how the shift in generations also involves a fundamental new attitude to diversity. For while a diverse workforce might still be a novelty to some older workers, for many entering the workplace now or taking on leadership roles, diversity has been the norm while they grew up. Equality and respect for them are just part of the environment. How does this change D&I practice – What does this do to our traditional models of thinking about D&I? How does this blurring of the lines influence the business?

Ranemaker Institute will provide Inclusive Innovation Workshops once a month that tackles the latest issues companies are facing today.  Each session will cover 30 minutes learning, 30 minutes hands-on activities to jumpstart your organizations' tactical action plans to integrate into your company’s success and 30 minutes discussion with your peers around challenges and opportunities in deploying these tactics.  Of course, in Bend style it’s not all work, we will also provide 30 minutes of networking drinks and snacks.